WRH Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Warees Investments Pte Ltd.

Warees Investments Pte Ltd is one of the region’s premier endowment asset management companies, and is responsible for the development of prime commercial and residential properties as well as the conservation of culture and heritage. As an investment holding company, Warees thrives on managing endowments and institutional real estate portfolio and several subsidiaries while safeguarding and creating value for the community and its social beneficiaries.

Wholly owned by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), its hallmark sustainable framework features an integrated and dynamic endowment portfolio strategy driven by its vision of ‘Sustainable Assets. Nurturing Generations’. Through the years, Warees has emerged as a reputable real estate firm in the region through its excellent track record in property development and specialised services on endowment investment management. With each new project, Warees continues to set good standards not just in Singapore, but beyond through regional capacity building and collaborations.

In the past 10 years, Warees has sustained its asset development through innovative and unique concepts:
  • Somerset Bencoolen

    Located in a vibrant inner-city area, this flagship mixed-development project is an inspiration of an exclusive endowment property, playing a defining role in the local real estate market. Comprising a mosque, 3-storey commercial and 12-storey tower, this 107-unit service apartment is managed by the world’s largest operator, Ascott Ltd.

  • Stillz Residence

    An exquisite 25-unit, five-storey freehold private property development showcasing the art
    of contemporary architecture, innovative space planning and lush landscaping.

  • Chancery Residence

    A premier cluster housing 34-units residence located at Chancery Lane, nestled amongst Good-class bungalows and 2-storey residences.

  • Heritage Residence

    This 19-unit residence carries a resort-heritage design that is a trademark of Warees.

  • Given its unprecedented level of success, Warees is ever growing and aims to provide a best suite of asset solutions for its clients and partners. Always holding closely to our values, Warees looks forward to continued growth and will persist in our unwavering commitment to play a strategic and defining role in shaping Singapore’s urban landscape.